Welcome to the National Recreation Foundation

We are dedicated to enhancing the role of recreation as a positive force in improving the quality of life of youth. We do this by investing in recreation programs directed at those who are economically, physically or mentally disadvantaged.

We strongly believe that recreation can provide a unique stimulus for young people in need, whose lives we strive to improve through creative, meaningful leisure-time experiences.

How does the NRF’s mission translate into action?

One indicator is dollars and cents. Over the past decade, NRF has distributed $14.3 million to 256 grantees across the country. In 2012, NRF granted more than twice as much than in 2003.

But action requires focus. That’s why the NRF actively seeks programs that fulfill our mission.

We invite you to explore our site — you will see that all across the nation, thousands of children and adults continue to benefit from the National Recreation Foundation.