Welcome to the National Recreation Foundation

To be a life-enhancing force on youth by investing strategically in recreation with a special focus on programs for those who are economically, physically or mentally disadvantaged.

In 1995, the Foundation selected "At-Risk Youth" and "Healthy Lifestyles" as issues of emphasis. Millions of American youngsters are neglected by their parents, schools, communities, and government — to the degree that many never have the opportunity for a productive and healthy future. These youth have been abandoned. Guidance and support are critical. Therefore, NRF funding priority is given to programs that encourage the development of citizenship and social skills, stem anti-social behavior, and emphasize proactive community lifestyles and values.

The Foundation supports aggressive campaigns to increase the fitness level of all Americans. The NRF considers this particularly important in view of the ever escalating cost of health care in the United States. Priority is given to cooperative, coordinated efforts among local, state, and national agencies that address the reduction of health care costs through prevention. Recreation and park organizations are encouraged to develop responses to the societal problem of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is well documented that recreation participation results in healthier living, which helps alleviate the cost of health care.

Since the dual priorities of at-risk youth and healthy lifestyles were identified in 1995, the Foundation — funded projects have aimed to fulfill these goals.

We invite you to explore our site — you will see that all across the nation, thousands of children and adults continue to benefit from the National Recreation Foundation.