Let's Get Outside

We believe in the power of outdoor recreation and the value of a strong connection with nature.

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On the Road to Healthy Lifestyles

We support programs that seek to increase physical activity with the goal of fostering and modeling healthy lifestyles.

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Experience Challenge

Self-confidence grows from learning new skills, gaining new knowledge and successfully completing new endeavors.

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Our Focus is Youth

We strongly believe that rewarding recreational experiences can improve the lives of young people in need.

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Recent News

Tips and Tricks on How to Interpret Data Like a Pro

September 22, 2019

Society is inundated with an obscene amount of data, which makes it difficult for individuals to know which sources to trust. To complicate matters more, park and recreation practitioners oftentimes need quickly

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Enhancing Your Park and Recreation Programs Evaluation Skills: Lesson 1

September 2, 2019

Providers of youth recreation programs know when their recreational programs and services benefit their communities, but measuring and evaluating these outcomes are difficult. The difficulty is especially evident when

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Child watching TV. Source: Pixabay
Child watching TV. Source: Pixabay

Establishing Nature as a Human Right for Children

August 26, 2019

American children rarely spend their days outside exploring nearby nature. Instead, electronic devices, screens, and indoor comforts capture the attention of our nation’s youth. These cultural shifts result in

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