Let's Get Outside

We believe in the power of outdoor recreation and the value of a strong connection with nature.

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On the Road to Healthy Lifestyles

We support programs that seek to increase physical activity with the goal of fostering and modeling healthy lifestyles.

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Experience Challenge

Self-confidence grows from learning new skills, gaining new knowledge and successfully completing new endeavors.

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Our Focus is Youth

We strongly believe that rewarding recreational experiences can improve the lives of young people in need.

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Recent News

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Debt-Ceiling Crisis

May 25, 2023

  Has Your Organization Discussed and Evaluated the Impact of a Failure to Raise the U.S. Debt-Ceiling? If lawmakers do not reach an agreement regarding the debt-ceiling and the U.S. defaults on its debt, the

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A group of children stands outside and smiles at the camera

New Research Sheds Light on Pathways for Nature Connection

May 23, 2023

Connection to nature is an important pathway for conservation behavior. Strong connections to the environment form most easily in childhood when exposure to environmental education is more common. Experiences ranging

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A group of young people stand in the snow ready to ski and snowboard
Photo courtesy of Outdoor Inclusion Coalition

Next Cohort of Grantees Continues Boosting Outdoor Access

May 11, 2023

The National Recreation Foundation (NRF) and Tom’s of Maine have worked together since 2021 to increase youth access to the outdoors. With a three-year, $3 million commitment, Tom’s of Maine is helping NRF

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