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Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is utilizing its grant to grow the impact and reach of its Sport for Good Atlanta initiative, a long-term collaborative approach to improving the quality and number of sports-based youth development programs available to youth in Atlanta's Westside. NRF's grant to Laureus allowed Sport for Good Atlanta to reach and impact youth who otherwise would not have had access to high quality sports-based youth development programs. The Westside is one of the most under-resourced and poverty stricken neighborhoods in all of Atlanta; Laureus is providing critical resources and support to strengthen Westside communities and to empower youth in the community to succeed. The programs supported through NRF's grant use the power of sport to intentionally improve the health, education, and social and emotional well-being of youth, providing kids with the tools and support systems they need to succeed in life. To date, 94% of the youth participating in the Sport for Good Atlanta programs have improved grades and class attendance.


Para La Naturaleza

According to the 2015 Census, 58% of children in Puerto Rico are living below the poverty line. These numbers surely have surged due to the fiscal crisis and recent natural disasters. It is well documented that children who live in poverty are at a higher risk of poor health, lower school performance, delinquent behavior and prolonged economic hardship. PLN's After School Immersion in Nature program engages students from underserved communities within six Montessori Schools in Puerto Rico. In 2021, the program is expanding to serve more students, and a new school in the island of Vieques will be added to the program. Participating students have an opportunity to play, discover and explore the outdoors, create and nurture a long-standing connection with nature, raise awareness about the protection and conservation of the environment, develop their leadership skills and increase their confidence and resilience to overcome the cycle of poverty.