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2019 Impact Grants

Current Year Grant Summary

The National Recreation Foundation awarded $189,000 in Impact Grants in 2019.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico

The impact of destructive and deadly hurricanes in Puerto Rico was traumatic for the island's entire population, but particularly its young residents. With homes and schools damaged and closed, Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR) provided a critical shelter and engagement for island youth. Through support from NRF, BGCPR has offered a robust roster of engaging activities in 2018 and 2019, including a series of programs focused on addressing trauma.

Through a second year of NRF funding for its Sports & Recreation Program, BGCPR offers sports and recreation activities to 1,030 children and youth from the most vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico. With a member profile of 100% Hispanic and 90% living in households with income below the federal poverty line, this program addresses behavioral and attitudinal factors that put youth at risk of serious health, physical and psycho-social difficulties. Activities include sports, daily physical challenges and yoga classes. Participants develop an appreciation for the value of healthy lifestyle choices, as they voluntarily engage in physical activity, healthy eating and well-being programs, incorporating these activities into their daily routine for life.

PLN-BGCPR Collaboration

Para La Naturaleza

Para la Naturaleza (PLN) and Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR) are two of the most formidable organizations in Puerto Rico within their respective fields. Both have strong track records of providing programs with long-lasting impact on young people. Working together, they are providing rich weekend experiences in nature to Puerto Rican youth through a collaborative Immersion in Nature program. Hundreds of children are benefiting from transformational education experiences through hands-on learning and active outdoor excursions at PLN reserves across the island. With a focus on agroecology and food sovereignty, program participants engage in activities, field trips, workshops and farm visits, learning how island residents can maintain a productive agricultural system that optimizes the use of local resources while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

NRF support provided an opportunity for these organizations to work together for the first time in 2018. Due to the success of the initiative, NRF funded an expansion of the Immersion in Nature program, which allows PLN and BGCPR to combine their expertise in environmental education, outdoor activities and youth development for the benefit of the young people of Puerto Rico. The program seeks to address the trauma Puerto Rican youth experienced from hurricanes Maria and Irma while also cultivating habits of healthy living and sustainable practices.