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Current Impact Grant

YMCA of Greater Seattle BOLD & GOLD and SOS Outreach

The nonprofit sector is creating significant impacts through intentional program design and direction. Unfortunately, many of these efforts are isolated and programs operate in a silo, limiting growth and learning. YMCA of Greater Seattle’s BOLD & GOLD and SOS Outreach are convening a nationally focused learning community to increase youth access and engagement in the outdoors. The goal of this strategic alliance is to unite programs across different organizations in order to maximize efficiency of implementation, increase funding to the sector, and to, ultimately, make it easier for families to access programs.

The learning community will convene at a retreat to identify shared goals, focus on how to work with other collaborative initiatives, and to set metrics for measuring progress. It is also an opportunity to further dive into best practices alignment across organizations and national partnership potentials to extend the reach and location of shared programs. Virtual meetings will be held throughout the year to provide shared space for learning and for support across organization efforts and work.

The long-term goal of the learning community is that outdoor recreation is seen as a leading contributor to youth development nationally and that all participating organizations learn from each other to further enhance their programs and impact.