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NRF Announces 2024 Special Grant and Trustee Grant Recipients

The National Recreation Foundation is pleased to announce its 2024 Special Grant and Trustee Grant recipients. More than $1.38K was distributed to 41 organizations across 23 states. NRF is proud to invest in these

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kids on an ipad outside a tent

Technology in Nature: Not an Oxymoron After All

Today, it’s common to hear concerns about the negative effects of too much screen time among kids. There are certainly reasons to be worried, but it’s also not reasonable to assume that technology is always

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soccer team huddle

Coaching for Change

Sports have the potential to create meaningful change in young people’s lives. However, social emotional learning and positive youth development are not automatic outcomes of youth sports participation. In order

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Kids sitting by swimming pool

COVID-19 Continues to Pose Risks to Youth Sports

For many people, playing sports is an important part of their childhood and young adult experience whether they go on to join the NBA or be captain of their neighborhood basketball team. Playing sports has many benefits

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Exploring Health and the Environment with Digital Tools from EnviroAtlas

There are so many different ways that the environment has an impact on our health. If you’ve ever felt better after going for walk in the fresh air or enjoyed the calm of a beautiful sunset, this is something you

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