The Nature Playbook: Strategies for facilitating experiences in Nature.

March 23, 2017

This year the Canadian Parks Council produced, “The Nature Playbook”, a fantastic resource for integrating nature into health, play, and physical activity. According to the Playbook, “Everyone involved in this project is dedicated to connecting a new generation to Nature”.  Research has shown that time spent in nature has a variety of positive effects on the individual, for example: Reduced stress, improved immune system, lower blood pressure, stable mental health, ADHD symptom prevention, positive mindset, increased calmness, and disease prevention.

“The Nature Playbook” is part of larger global initiative, the #NatureForAll campaign, that is working to make natural places more accessible for all people. It is important to note that not all of these places need to be remote wilderness areas; benefits from nature are attainable just through spending a small amount of time at a local urban park or even gardening in the backyard.

The Playbook presents the following Seven Strategies that outline ideas for introducing people to nature and show that the benefits of nature are available through a variety of experiences.

#1 Bring Children into Nature at an early age

#2 Find and share the fun in Nature

#3 Use the urban gateway to Nature

#4 Embrace Technology

#5 Share cultural roots and ancestry in Nature

#6 Seek out diverse partnerships

#7 Empower a new generation of leaders.

Each of the strategies goes into detail and provides examples of activities and programs that support the strategy.  Follow these links to visit The Nature Playbook Website or download the PDF of the document.